Help us to replace our deceased pick up truck!

We need your help to replace our 1992 pick up!  This is a top Tumaini priority!

Bibi (Grandmother) has served us well . . . transporting multitudes of children to church, doctors appointments, clinic, home visits . . . She has been invaluable to us in retrieving firewood, drinking water, bringing home food provisions from town, acting as the hearse at local funerals . . . but she has reached the end herself. We are now using our Tumaini bus to do EVERYTHING, including the heavy tasks it is just not built to do. As a result, we are slowly wearing it out.

We could purchase a “gently” used (we don’t need a lot of computerization, just a VERY STRONG, basic pick up) truck (90% of vehicles in Tanzania are Toyota so servicing is easy), and import it OR if someone(s) were to donate one to us, we would ship it to our children in Tanzania!  (We have a cool use for a future shipping container also!)

Please consider helping out . . . she is desperately needed!

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At Tumaini, we used our “Bibi” (1992 Toyoto) for fetching water, carrying firewood, children, supplies, etc., as well as the village “hearse”, ambulance, etc. She has served us very well, but sadly Bibi has reached the end of her life and we just cannot get by without a replacement! Please help!

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Tumaini Children’s Foundation is a not for profit, charitable organization dedicated to the care, support and education of orphaned and needy children in and around Usa River, Arusha, Tanzania.

TUmaini CHIldren’s FOundation, or (TUCHIFO) is a United Republic of Tanzania, Non-Governmental Organization (Act, 2002, Section 12(2) of Act. No. 24 of 2002) Certificate No. 3232 and is a Canada Revenue approved registered charity.

Please consider sponsoring, in part or in full, the needs of one of our children. Asante Sana!!