Ismael was born with spina bifida and a corrective surgery failed, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.  His father, denying that Ismael could be his son, ejected him and his mother from the family.  They were living in the prison (think Queenie) barracks when I met them.

Story of Ismael

DOB – December 1st, 2013

Came under Tumaini care in 2017 – the Fulton family, and Mamas and Babas Jennifer, Jeffrey, Janine, and Shauna are helping to support Ismael and his mother!

Ismael and his mother were rejected from the family when Ismael was born with spina bifida.  With no support and few options, they ended up “squatting” in a single room of the prison staff barracks in Mwanga.

Tumaini met Mama and Ismael there and immediately arranged to have Ismael assessed for the possibility of a corrective surgery and future placement in school.  Ismael also suffers with hydrocephalus.

Charming, sweet and very endearing, Ismael and Mama joined us at Tumaini in late 2017.  We have employed Mama at Tumaini and she is a compassionate and caring mama, not just to Ismael but to all the Tumaini children.  We have rented a small house for her and Ismael and furnished it.  Our future objective includes school for Ismael and continued employment for Mama.  Ismael is the youngest of three children!

Ismael is a very sweet little guy, all “decked out” in his purple wheelchair (or as he calls it: his bicycle)!  He is quite the “goof” and loves to sing and dance.  You can often find him bopping his shoulders to the beat of the music, or using his arms to push himself up in his chair to move his whole body to the rhythm of the tune.  Ismael is a very loving kid that can bring a smile to your face any time, and he is greatly loved by his new Tumaini family!

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