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Not every child dreams of what they can become – until they learn how to dream – of a life after poverty or sickness, of a tomorrow.  It has taken years (since 2009), by providing health and safety, quality food and the best educations we can afford to our Tumaini children, that they are finally beginning to understand, “I am going to grow up . . . I am going to be an adult one day and I need to start thinking about what that looks like.”  (If you visit us at Tumaini and join in evening prayers you will still hear our children say, “Dear God, if I grow up . . .

A child living in poverty may never go to school but a gift here will ensure an opportunity to improve literacy, vocational skills and more and you can be confident, based on Tumaini’s historical performance and transparency, that your dollars will spent effectively to provide that future!

Education Gift Fund

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We believe every child has the right to Education

Access to good education can help children in many ways …

School Essentials

Your gift will help provide children with things like books, notebooks and more.

Text Books

Our gift helps provide storybooks, educational books and more.


Help break the cycle of poverty by supporting education for children in need.