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Also known as “snail fever”, schistosomiasis is a parasitic disease carried by fresh water snails. It is one of the most widespread tropical diseases in the world after malaria, affecting more than 249 million people globally, including 100 million children.

The disease poses a huge health burden in developing countries, especially in Africa where more than 90% of the infections occur.

A lack of sufficient hygiene and activities such as swimming or fishing in infested water make school-aged children especially vulnerable to infection. The disease is also more common in poor communities without adequate access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Prevention goes a long way towards addressing the problem. Yet only 27% of the 10.8 million people in Tanzania who require preventive treatment for schistosomiasis received it in 2014.

Provide clean water, improve sanitation and hygiene and bring real change!

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We believe every child has the right to Clean Water

Access to clean drinking water can help children and families become . . .


When fields can be irrigated crop yields and live stock increases, producing healthy food.


When children don’t have to risk walking an average of 6K to collect water in unsafe areas.


When a child is well hydrated their ability to pay attention and learn in school increases.