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130 Years Old!!

This is an incredible story and one of the happiest I have shared since founding Tumaini! I’d like you to meet Ndemanyiswa – which means “informed by God” in Meru, the tribal language of our new village (phew, and I’m only just finding my way around Swahili)! We have shared a story or two about […]


Happy New Year from us at Tumaini . . .

2016 brought much to us at Tumaini this past year. . . we were blessed with a land cruiser (donations) and then lost it in a rollover accident . . . (thank God no one was hurt) . . . Reward, our first Tumaini graduate bought his own safari vehicle and organizes all of our […]

Messages from Mama and mark your calendars!!

Great big birthday wishes go out to Pendo and Rukaya (June 10) and our own Mama Korosho (June 11). Our secondary school students are home on break and most have performed remarkably!  Vitalis (younger brother to Lohai), Ayubu and Rosie awaits her results for advanced level secondary results before we apply for university!  We are […]

Christmas 2015!!

It has been another incredible year at Tumaini and as usual there are countless people to thank. Rosie will complete secondary school next year and Omari the year after and have excelled at their studies.  Omari was just awarded certificates in Biology and Geography for maintaining the top marks in the school for four years […]

Guns and Thieves and Little Children . . .

This is a tough story to share but one I think I must.  I have always tried to be completely transparent with you, our Tumaini friends and that must continue now. Three nights ago Tumaini was invaded by armed thieves.  Shots were fired.  Our Tumaini family was terrorized.  All of my technical equipment, Raymond’s new […]

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Taking the Long Way Home . . .

Buckled in and waiting for departure to fundraisers with Tuchifo Belgium and Tumaini Holland and then down and home to Tumaini! Whew! What a whirlwind European visit on our way back to Tumaini! Dada Holly and I have been joined by my Tanzanian brother and Tumaini partner Oddo who is on his first ever safari […]


Thanksgiving 2015

There are so many things we are thankful for at Tumaini this past year. First of all, that our children have remained safe and healthy and all are advancing in their development.  Our support staff too is doing well for the most part and provide quality care for our little ones. Raymond graduated (as you […]

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Things Tumaini . . .

Sometimes we need to take a moment to pause and reflect on why we do the things we do . . . we need to “remember the reason”.  I am full of doing just that these days.  Why did I travel to Tanzania six years ago and begin, with who would become my Tz. brother […]

Rotary supporting Tumaini!

Story by: Ron Baker, Simcoe Rotarian Simcoe Rotarians Give $8,000 To The TUMAINI Children’s School in Tanzania, Africa Simcoe resident, Cherie M. Szucs, Founder/Executive Director of TUMAINI CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION, www.tuchifo.com located in Usa River, a village, near Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, East Africa; shall receive a Rotary donation of $8,000, and a welcome by a large […]