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Sometimes thank you just isn’t enough!

If you’ve wondered why things have been quiet lately it’s because I’ve been working on getting our BRAND NEW WEBSITE www.tuchifo.org ready for launching May 15th (Happy Birthday Mary) and I’ve been hard at work, BUT, what I’ve been up to (with a ton of help from some pretty special Tumaini Dadas (Lauren, Sami and […]

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A Tree Planting Weekend!

What a “Green” Weekend we enjoyed at Tumaini! Our family was joined by a committee from our Ward government, our Tumaini children, Dadas Sydney, Sami, Lauren, and Maddie and Baba Kevin and Mama Pam!  Oddo finangled a donation from The Arusha Rotary Club of fifty trees ready for planting and off we went! Our Ward […]


Happy Easter !!!

Happy Easter wishes to our global Tumaini family!  This has been another incredible trip for me.  I was able to be with Esther for a corrective surgery on her drop foot.  She is convalescing well and will attend Usa River Rehabilitation Centre April 5th to have a wire removed from her toe.  Esther can now “touch […]


Just another Friday at Tumaini …

I write this sitting in our hospital room, waiting for Esther to come out of surgery. Yesterday Raymond was in Dar (9 hours one way by bus if we’re lucky) to submit his visa application to visit Tine in Belgium, attend a fundraiser, speak at a school and meet our newest Tumaini family member, Lowiek!  […]



Mchana njema familia yetu. Tuko hapa leo kwasibabu Mungu wetu amemuwita mama/dada/Rafiki yetu, Eliakira. Kwa baraka zenu, nitaendelea kwa kingereza. Today is a sad day for all of us, but I would like to ask everyone here, to pause for a moment and think about the reason we have been brought together. I can tell […]



In my last story, I left off with fifteen month-old Queenie living in jail with her mother who has been sentenced to life in prison for killing her husband in a domestic dispute.  Having formulated a plan of action with prison administration and Gilbert, our social welfare officer to get Queenie out of prison, we […]

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Off To Prison!!

Magereza ya Willaya ya Mwanga (Mwanga District Prison) A funny thing happened on the way to jail today . . . not really but here is the story.  My apologies for not providing photos but we’ve haven’t been authorized to take any yet. Once upon a time there was a mama who just happens to […]

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It’s a Moving Day !!!

What an incredibly, crazy, beautiful week we have experienced! Packing up a family of more than sixty to move to our new “country” home in Nshupu, just ten minutes up Mount Meru from our old house, BUT we Dave, Cameron, Bob and Andrea came and dismantled our solar array and reassembled it here at Tumaini […]


130 Years Old!!

This is an incredible story and one of the happiest I have shared since founding Tumaini! I’d like you to meet Ndemanyiswa – which means “informed by God” in Meru, the tribal language of our new village (phew, and I’m only just finding my way around Swahili)! We have shared a story or two about […]